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Slumped together on bench seats
Humanity grouped in family units
Heads hanging down
Or flopped on mothers' shoulders
Laps a clutter with packages and coats and umbrellas
Possessions heaped
Loosely gripped
By possessors

Fat, lumpy legs of the women
Thick, black hairs compressed under white panty hose

Hiding behind headphones
behind grim grimaces

One older man
Drool on his lips, his coat.
Pressed against his wife
Or mother
Pressed against a worn woman
Braced on the other side
by a teenager
A plump little dumpling
With a face squizzled in sleep
Unlined yet.
not without care

This one
family unit
A blank-faced entity
A blob of exhaustion
Sleeping, heaping together
In the heat of
too many bodies

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