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I should have known better. I mean, I've heard that kind of thing before. Often enough. From plenty of women. Even when not looking to get laid. But then, maybe they were, just not by me. Not that it matters much but I should have seen it coming, should never have even kept the rendezvous. But, hell, it would have been nice to have someone to chat with. Who really cares? I mean, I've had dinner alone every night for a week now, learned to save a piece of the paper just for the evening meal so I would have something, other than the couples, to focus on. Fortunately I maintained the habit to- night too. I had something to do while waiting. The offer was innocent enough: "What are you doing tonight? You wanna meet for a drink?" We had met in a "mini-bus". That's Thai for the-back-of-a- pick-up-truck-with-a-canopy-on-it. We were both going to Doi Suthep, a temple on the mountain just out of town, so we explored the temple together, chatted, had something cool to drink in the shade, then went back to town. It had been nice to talk to someone. When we got off the bus I said it: "What are you doing tonight? You wanna meet for a drink?" The reply was somewhat baffled at first then we chose a spot. Then I heard: "If I don't show it means I'm still sleeping or something." I should have known better but replied: "Yeah. whatever. I'll just pop in for a beer and if you don't show, well...." I should have known better, should never have gone but what does Jim think I am, queer or something? Or maybe he knows I'm not and that's why he didn't show.

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