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No one heard them but as if out of nowhere an argument could have been heard nearby in the darkness.

"...Without a doubt nothing matters," a reassuring voice declared.

"Well at least that's something," another distinctive identity noted. "But surely everything matters somewhat. As much as nothing anyhow."

"Some things more than others you mean?" the first voice wondered. When compared to nothing, nothing else really matters.

"Matter matters."

"No, even matter doesn't matter for that matter."

"I disagrees anything has more significance than, nothing, no matter what. You can't fill the void with abstractions but you can plug it up with items, things, anything."

"Nothing can plug up an abstraction just like that. Your words don't matter" You know as well as I do that words only remove us from things, they're a further abstraction. They may provide comfort but ..."

"But outside of that, outside of all that, things have a form, everything has substance..."

As the voices continued to debate the darkness faded, growing dimmer. The voices too faded until nothing was left.

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