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Level: Beginner and up For presentation in the computer lab. Students should be clustered in pairs or small groups around each terminal and be prepared to discuss rather than absorb. A high speed internet connection is recommended and the free Macromedia Shockwave Plug-in is required.

Preview Instructions: Click on the button above to start the video then toggle off the video and listen only to the commercial. No peeking! #1 - Listen to the different voices and try to decide how many different people are in the ad? Discuss with your partners.

[Teacher: Elicit and try to reach a consensus among the groups.]

#2 - Listen again and write down every word you understand.

[Teacher: Elicit and build up a vocabulary list on the whiteboard.]

Viewing: Watch and discuss the following. Watch it several times if necessary.

[Teacher:After sufficient time has elapsed elicit the answers from the whole group then move toward the discussion at the end if the students are up to it.]

#3 - Discuss: what are the relationships between the people in the ad? For example: brother-sister relationship.

#4 - Who does the baby take after?

#5 - The mother invites the grandparents to go somewhere. Where?

#6- What is the boy's name?

#7 - Do the boy and the older man like other kinds of catsup? What kind do they like?

Opinion: What do you think of this ad? Will it work?

Bonus Discussion: The direct message of this ad is Heinz is the best ketchup. ["There are no other kinds."] What do you think is the indirect message of this ad? How is colour used to help put the message across. Are there any other film techniques that help support the message?

Teachers: Streaming media is fraught with all kinds of issues. The free Macromedia Shockwave and Real Media Plug-ins are required to play this content.

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