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For presentation in the computer lab. A high speed internet connection is recommended. Students should be clustered in pairs or small groups around each terminal and be prepared to discuss rather than absorb.

Viewing: Watch and discuss the following. Watch it several times if necessary.

Teacher: After sufficient time has elapsed elicit the answers from the whole group then move toward the discussion at the end if the students are up to it.

#1 - What is she doing? 

Teacher: Circulate and elicit present continuous from students as they watch the commercial. Follow up  after the fact by eliciting the same actions in the past from the whole class.

#2 - Fill in the blanks with the words below:

  • after that 
  • when 
  • when
  • again 
  • first 
  • then

________ the lady returns home she ________ turns on the answering machine ________ she undresses. ________ she shaves her legs and underarms. ________ finished she takes a shower, gets dressed and goes out ________ on a date.

#3 - Discuss: What do you do when you return home?

For Example: "When I return home...." 

Teacher: Follow up by getting a few students to report their daily routine back to the whole class.

#4 - Listen to the messages.
  • She has an appointment for some time tomorrow. What Time?
  • Her mom invites her somewhere. Where? 
  • Her friend wants her to wear something special. What is it?

#5 - What is the woman's name? 

#6 - Opinion. How do you feel about this woman? Explain. What kind of woman do you think she is? What kind of personality do you think she has?

#7 - Bonus Discussion: What is the main message of the advertisement? What do you think of the mood of this ad? How did the director create that mood? Is it an effective advertisement?

Teachers: I would appreciate feedback on the usefulness and effectiveness of this activity and approach. Also, would you be interested in seeing more of the same kind of activity? Let me know of any technical problems you may have run into. Streaming media is fraught with all kinds of issues. The free Macromedia Shockwave and Real Media Plug-ins are required to play Streaming Media.

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