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by Yumiko Otsuki

Bookworm Paradise
"I went to the security office in the library and then I told them that I had my bag stolen."
I used to go to the central library in Vancouver after English school. One day I was really sleepy but as usual I went there to study. I was dozing so I couldn't concentrate. I left my desk to have coffee, taking my stuff with me.

When I got back I put my bag on the chair and hung my coat on the chair and I went to the restroom for only a few minutes. My bag was stolen.

In front of me a Korean man was sitting so I asked him "Did you notice someone take my bag or pass by?" He didn't notice anything.

I went to the security office in the library and then I told them that I had my bag stolen. A guard went to my seat with me and then he asked something to some people who were sitting around me. I told him what my bag looked like, what I put in my bag and my telephone number. He gave me the security office's telephone number because after the library is closed they would be looking for it and the next day they would tell me if it was found or not when I called them. After all I couldn't get back.

I had my bag, a book and a cassette tape which had been checked out from the library and some money stolen. I put my wallet into my coat pocket so I didn't have it stolen. I had to pay [the Library] back for the book which cost about $90. I usually watch my stuff at other places but not the library because I never thought that I would have something stolen in the library.

I told my friend what happened but she wasn't surprised. Instead she said to me "you should have watched it." It's very common, many ESL students have something stolen. One student put her bag under her desk. A guy was sitting in front of her. He dragged her bag to him with his legs so he got her bag. There are many ways to steal.

Since then I sometimes go to the library. I make sure that I put my bag on the desk [while studying] and bring my stuff except notebooks when I just go to the restroom.

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