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by Naoko Endo

Life Cycle
"Canada is not good at recycling."
I think the number one problem is the pollution of the environment because there is a lot of pollution in the world. People want an easy, comfortable life so nobody cares about the earth. For example, people don't want to walk and then there are too many cars in the world. People want a faster life. Fast food shops make a lot of garbage every day. The use a lot of paper because they don't want to waste time and money. If they use plates they will have to wash plates so they need more staff. But now they only throw away the garbage. They don't need any dishwashers.

Some people want to to reduce the garbage so recycling is getting popular in the world. I think it's not enough now. The government should make rules about recycling. Some places have rules but they are not enough. Canada is not good at recycling. I think nobody cares about garbage, they just throw garbage away in a big garbage can and garbage men come to take the garbage away. Garbage man don't care about garbage. I think Japan is better than Canada at recycling.

There are many rules about how to throw away garbage in each town. I know it's too much hassle but people have to think about what is the most important thing for us. Fast is not important in the world.

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