Frog Hollow
Frog Hollow: What is happening to the world's amphibians? A science reading and quiz for Advanced ESL students with an interest in things environmental.
The content at Brian & Neko's Place is multimedia enabled. Moreover, it is "conversation-enabled". The old model of one student working silently on one computer is fine for some things: Mind-numbing grammar exercises, for instance.

For learning conversation, nothing beats conversing.

For that reason, most activities at Brian & Neko's Place are optimized for discussion. That's right, DISCUSSION in the language lab. In some cases that means putting two or more students on one monitor. At other times students will be required to fly solo first, then turn off the monitor, circulate in the language lab and share their multimedia experience through the magic of language. Yes, talking! How high tech!

That's how we put the LANGUAGE back in the laboratory. Follow up activities are also included. Teachers can move the discussion back to the classroom after the computer session has finished.

When you first click on an activity you may be automatically prompted to download the free Macromedia Shockwave and Flash browser plug-ins. Alternatively, click the links [bottom left] to upgrade your browser before setting out to explore Brian & Neko's Place. According to Macromedia, about 99% of browsers are already Flash enabled and some 50% are Shockwave capable already.

Whether you wish to study abroad as a visitor, student or have a working holiday visa you will find Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada) a great place to learn English. Whether living in Vancouver or studying in your home country, Brian & Neko's Place has many online activities to help you study English.

Japanese Students
Japanese students will find a handy guide to living in Vancouver written in Japanese by Manami Kimura. Called Binbo Hima Ari Vancouver Free & Easy Guide, Ms. Kimura's guidebook covers a wide range of topics for those living, woking and studying abroad in Vancouver. From homestays to renting an apartment, finding an English language (ESL) school, tips on how to study English, studying English before going abroad, the cost of living in Vancouver, avoiding and solving some problems associated with dating, scam artists, roommates and language exchange partners. Bin-Hima as it's sometimes called, is the ideal information guide for Japanese language speakers traveling abroad to Vancouver for the first time. Best of all, it's FREE! Binbo Hima Ari Vancouver Free & Easy Guide is available in print or online and is currently going into its sixth edition.

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