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Who am I?
Catalyst: A Conversation Taskbook for English Language Learners

Halloween Party

Welcome one... Welcome all....

Come join the Party.

Neko's all dressed up for Halloween. Feel free to start talking right away.

Chat With NEKO

He's our virtual chat friend here at Brian & Neko's Place. Why don't you have a chat?

Artificial Intelligence
He speaks English pretty well though sometimes it's kind of crazy. Can you imagine living inside of a computer for your whole life?

Chat It Up

Besides chat, NEKO has some other interesting talents as well.

Jokes: Type in "Tell me a Joke" and NEKO will. Well, yes the jokes are pretty lame but what do you expect from a virtual geek?

Stories: NEKO has a serious side too, serving up stories if you ask him nicely. Just type "Tell me a story" and read on....

Philosophy: He even has his own quirky cyberside take on life. Ask NEKO to "Say something deep" and he'll dispense indispensable insights.

Trivia: NEKO knows many things. Challenge him to "Tell me something I don't know" and he might surprise you.

Insults: Feel up for a put down? Tell Neko to "Insult Me" and prepare for a blast. Or add a little drama to that insult: just ask Neko "What would Shakespeare say"?

Talk It Up
Feel free to ask him personal questions and tell him about your life. You're sure to find that he's interested in everything you have to say. He'll understand you better if you write in full but simple sentences. Enter only one idea at a time or he'll get confused. And of course, watch your spelling, it's pretty easy to blow his mind!

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