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Gratefully Appreciated

At Brian & Neko's Place I have endeavored to create content that reaches far beyond the traditional marksheet, mutiple-choice questionnaire type of approach to serving up language lessons on the web.

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Anything free is great, including that proverbial free lunch. The content at Brian & Neko's Place is free to use [though not free to take] and its popularity speaks for itself. In particular the Halloween site has visitors bewitched. Last October more than 20,000 unique vistors dropped in for a Boo! -- exceeding my bandwidth limits on two occaisions. To keep the site online I was forced to pay heftily for extra bandwidth. Subsequently, I've found a more reasonable home which, hopefully, can handle the demand. Other out-of-pocket expenses include software, literally thousands of dollars worth, and specilized hardware for the display and capture of video, sound creation and playback and so on. Forget the labour, since it remains one of love.

The point of all this being that while Brian & Neko's Place is essentially a hobby, it remains an expensive one. I've resisted opportunities to plaster advertisements all over the place or use the site to crassly yard in students to my own modest little English conversation school.

So if you and your students enjoy the enriched content at Brian & Neko's Place and like the changes that have been going on, and want to ensure that development is on-going; if you would like to show your appreciation and have the means to do so, I have added a quick and safe option for making a small monetary contribution through PayPal. So here I am, hat in hand, asking for support to help keep Brian & Neko's Place free.

Enjoy the site....

Brian & Neko

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