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History of Halloween Crossword

Click a number for a clue, then fill in the blank spaces.

1  2     3     4   5 6         
     7      8        9      
13 14     15        16     17      
        18          19     20  
21    22                     
        23          24       
           26  27            
  28      29            30     
   32     33             34    
      36      37     38        
39    40                     
  41  42        43          44   
       45  46        47        
   50      51                

Clues Across

1Engrave or cut by chipping away at a surface.
5Cook something by putting it in a hot oven.
7Smile enthusiastically.
8Be aware of a fact or some information.
10Give back or go back.
11Have a festival or party to honour someone or something.
13Put on clothes.
15Shield or defend from danger, injury, destruction, or damage
16Cover or mark with soap.
17Follow; Take up the idea or practice of someone and use it as one's own.
18Give one's attention to something.
19Take away.
21Make more attractive by adding ornament.
23Mix together; Combine.
25Put on clothing, make up or glasses.
27Win; Come out better in a competition, race, or conflict.
28Become become a member of a group or organization.
29Give one's energy completely to a specific person or activity.
30Cause something to die.
31Contact with a loud voice or telephone.
32To act, sing or dance for an audience.
34Want without hope.
35Attach a tag or label to something.
36Make unrecognizable; Dress up to hide one's identity.
38Make weak.
42Make or create something new, such as a product.
43Keep going or doing something without stopping.
46Accept as true; take to be true.
47Trade or switch.
48Provide with food or drink.
49Be fully aware or know of something or someone.
50Deceive somebody, sometimes as a joke.
51Have life, be alive.

Clues Down

2Not accept something from someone.
3Remain; Leave slowly or reluctantly.
4Make up or come up with an new or fresh idea.
6Move towards.
7Shine as if with heat.
9Make ready.
12Take a walk, slowly.
14Wander; Move about without any aim.
15Have or participate in a celebration.
16Display; Make visible or noticeable.
20Start or set up something like a business.
21Identify; Give a description of something.
22Get something; Come into possession of something.
24Drill; Learn by repetition.
26Move up and down repeatedly.
27Transform; Change into.
33Effect or consequence.
37Kill, destroy or give up something for a god or higher power.
38Roam; Move about aimlessly.
39Yell; Scream.
40Adjust; Get used to something.
41Desire or wish for some future gain.
44Take over or win by force.
45Take a short rest from work or study.

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