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Dogs have owners... =^..^= ...cats have staff!
Hiding under the bed is the cat's meow! Try it sometime.

You can chat with Neko in English. You can ask him anything. He's a good listener too. Try to use full sentences and make sure you use correct spelling. Click to learn more about chatting with Artificial Intelligence.
Neko catching a few rays out on the deck while on a Mediterranean cruise. And they say, "It's a dog's world!".

Click to watch Neko's favourite movie.
All tired out from so much sleep, Neko grabs a morning snooze to hold him over until his afternoon cat nap.

Neko doing a roadkill impression.
A Parting Shot: Neko passed away May 2, 2008 at the age of 16 years old.
This picture was taken the evening before Neko died. He had been suffering from kidney problems for some months and was in pretty bad shape. Towards the end he unable to walk or even eat; barely able to drink. Seen here, the evening sun on Neko's back warmed his stiff muscles enough to allow him to sit up one last time, casting ominous shadows on the back of the chair. To the end Neko retained a sparkle in his eye. He will be missed.

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